vendredi 21 octobre 2016

Thankful: re-release at 50% OFF!!!

Bonjour ! Ma collection Thankful est maintenant disponible aussi chez Gotta Pixel et pendant ce week-end, vous pouvez y trouver tous les packs, bundle compris, en promo à -50% !!! C'est-à-dire, vous pouvez acheter la collection entière pour seulement $3 !!! Profitez-en !!!

Hello! Today I’m adding my Thankful collection to my guest store at Gotta Pixel and all the packs, including the bundle, are 50% OFF through the weekend!!! This means you can grab the entire collection for only $3!!! Don’t miss this amazing deal!!!

 photo Soco_Thankful_bundle_pv_zpsfhsfuxss.jpg

Les filles de la CT ont fait quelques superbes nouvelles pages avec cette collection :

The CT girls made some beautiful new samples using this collection:

Je vous souhaite un bon week-end !!!

Have a great weekend!!!

mardi 18 octobre 2016

Birthday sale!!!

C’est mon anniversaire et je viens le fêter avec vous ! Aujourd’hui seulement, tous mes produits (sauf bundles) sont en promo à -50% et cette offre est valable dans mes deux boutiques ! Profitez-en !!!

It’s my birthday and I’m here to celebrate it with you! Almost everything in both of my stores is 50% OFF ONLY TODAY!!! (*Bundles excluded*) Enjoy!!!

 photo 2016-10-18_BdaySale_2logos_680_zpsuvtvseeh.jpg

vendredi 14 octobre 2016

New | Second Chance No. 5

Bonjour ! Déjà vendredi et je viens vous présenter un nouveau pack dans ma série Second Chance ! J’espère qu’il vous plaira ! Vous le trouverez dans mes deux boutiques en promo à -20% jusqu’à dimanche !

Hello! It’s Friday of new goodies and today I’m adding a new pack to my Second Chance collection! I hope you like it! You can grab it at both of my stores for 20% OFF through Sunday!

 photo 00_Soco_SecondChanceNo5_pv_zpsxrh04v16.jpg

N’oubliez pas que tous les templates dans la série Second Chance ont été auparavant offerts en freebies. Veuillez donc bien vérifier vos fichiers avant de les acheter !

Remember that all the templates in the Second Chance collection were previously offered as freebies, so please check your stash before buying!

Voici un peu d’inspiration de la part des filles de la CT et de la CT d’Oscraps :

Here's some inspiration from the CT girls and the Cheery-O’s:

Je vous souhaite un bon week-end !

Wishing you a great weekend !

samedi 8 octobre 2016

New | Love Triangles No. 5

Bonjour ! Vous vous souviendrez sans doute que je suis guest chez Gotta Pixel ce mois-ci et j’ai donc eu l’opportunité de participer à leur collection Gotta Grab It d’octobre. Il s’agit de superbes produits coordonnés que vous pouvez vous procurer à seulement $1 chacun pendant une semaine ! Je suis revenue à mon « addiction » pour les triangles pour ce nouveau pack et j’espère que ça vous plaira !

Hello! As you may remember, this month I'm guesting at Gotta Pixel and I had the opportunity to participate to their Gotta Grab It collection, a bunch of amazing color coordinated goodies available for ONLY $1 each during an entire week! I came back to my triangles addiction to create this pack and I hope you like what I came up with!

 photo Soco_LoveTrianglesNo5_preview_zpsamucyhcm.jpg

Voici un peu d’inspiration de la part des filles de la CT :

Here's some inspiration from the CT girls:

Je vous souhaite un bon week-end !!!

Have a great weekend!!!

samedi 1 octobre 2016

Happy DSD!!!

Happy DSD!!! I hope you're having fun and enjoying all the amazing sales going on around the digiworld this weekend! I also have a lot of awesome deals for you! Almost all my products are 40% OFF, and some collections up to 60% OFF through October 6th!!! I also have 3 NEW beautiful collabs at an amazing special DSD price, some extra deals and other great surprises!!!

 photo 2016-09-30_DSD_zpsxtzwdzex.jpg

I teamed up again with my dear friends Ange Designs and France M. Designs to create this beautiful, happy and joyful collection that you can grab for ONLY $3 through the DSD weekend!!!

 photo afs_TakeASmile_bundle_pv_zpsxdqpncsn.jpg

For the very first time, I had the great pleasure of working with MEG Designs to create this beautiful collaboration about baking, pastry and the sweetness in life! You can grab the FULL collection at its special DSD price of $5 ONLY during the DSD weekend!!!

 photo meg-soco_BakedWithLove_bundle_pv_zpsilkc5xki.jpg

I also teamed up again with my dear friend Dunia Designs to create a beautiful collection about brothers, sisters and the precious memories shared with them! You can purchase the packs separately at 40% OFF or grab the bundle for ONLY $6 (which is almost 60% OFF its normal price!!!) through the weekend!!!

But wait, that’s not all! I'm very happy because I’ll be guesting at Gotta Pixel during October and I'm celebrating DSD with them too! This brand new template pack, my new collab with Dunia Designs and some old favorites are available now and 40% OFF through October 6!!!

 photo Soco_CircledNo4_preview_zpsxazcujd6.jpg

Are you a subscriber to my newsletter? If you aren’t, check out the exclusive DSD gift I just sent out for all my subscribers!!! I'll be sending it again next week, so subscribe now if you still haven’t done it!

 photo Soco_DSD2016_Freebie_preview_zpsqxtbiagc.jpg

Keep having fun and have a wonderful DSD weekend!!!